• What Is FarmShares?

    FarmShares is a multi-farm Community Supported Agriculture program operated by our collaborative of more than 45 family farms and ranches in the Capay Valley. We offer 100% local, seasonal food, the majority of which is also organic. FarmShares feature the best produce of the season including tree-ripe fruits and heirloom vegetables and are conveniently delivered to your neighborhood or workplace.

  • What Are My FarmShares Choices?

    We currently offer three convenient Share sizes, the Bite, the Peck and the Bushel.

    Bite: A mix of 5 different fruits and vegetables, the Bite is a good fit for 1-2 people who cook at home just a couple of times a week. Cost $16/ week.

    Peck: A mix of 7 different fruits and vegetables, the Peck is often a good match for 1-2 people who several times a week. Cost $20/week.

    Bushel: A mix of 11 different fruits and vegetables, we recommend the Bushel for a household of 2-4 who cook regularly. Cost $30/week.

  • How are FarmShares packaged?

    Bites are delivered in paper bags, while Pecks & Bushels are delivered in reusable boxes. Bring the box home or empty its contents into your own bag. We like the boxes back for reuse.

  • Is there more than produce in FarmShares?

    In addition to FarmShares, there are MeatShares (monthly mixes of local and pasture-raised beef, lamb, chicken, pork and goat meat) and the following add-on items: eggs, honey, jams, teas, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, nuts, grains and herbs. Prices vary and can be found at https://capayvalleyfarmshop.csaware.com/store/.

  • Is produce in the FarmShares organic?

    As some of California’s first certified organic farms, many Capay Valley farmers helped found the sustainable food movement and most of the produce in the box is organic. When we do include produce from one of our trusted farmers who is not certified organic, we will mark it with an asterisk (*) in the weekly newsletter and explain their production practices.

  • What is your Good Food Guarantee?

    We are proud of the food our farmers and ranchers so expertly and caringly produce for your enjoyment and we stand behind the quality of all of our products. We always appreciate your feedback and if you are not happy with a product or our service, we will address it promptly.

  • Do you provide recipes?

    Yes! Each week we include several recipes in the weekly e-newsletter tailored specifically to that week’s FarmShares contents. In addition, our website has a searchable database of storage tips and recipes, organized by specific vegetable or fruit.

  • How do I sign up & how does payment work?

    Visit www.capayvalleyfarmshop.com and click on the “Shop” button. Select your preferred FarmShare size, your payment and delivery preference, and then select your delivery location. Create a user account and enter your payment information.

  • What happens if I want to skip a week or two?

    If you are going out of town or simply have too much food and want to skip your next delivery, you can put a future box on hold by going to your account and clicking on the calendar day you wish to hold. All holds must be placed by 72 hours before your box is delivered.

  • Is it easy to cancel my subscription?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, if you pay week by week. We’ll need 72 hours’ notice for any cancellations or changes to complete.  Just give us a call at 530-383-9022 or email at info@capayvalleyfarmshop.com.  Please visit our policies page for more details on our cancellation policy/procedure.


Capay Valley Farm Shop is a collaborative of family farms and ranches working together to bring fresh local goodness from our valley to your table.


Our pick-up locations.
We currently serve the San Francisco Bay Area through public and private pick-up sites. Our public sites include:

Esparto Pacific Ace Hardware

Oakland YMCA, Bay Grape Wine Shop

San Francisco Avedano's Holly Park Market, Cheese Plus

Palo Alto Calafia Cafe

Bring FarmShares to your neighborhood.