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Capay Valley Farm Shop is a dynamic rural food hub that serves businesses and families with 100% locally grown food. We source from over 50 small and mid-sized farms and ranches in Yolo County, California. We are proud to provide an abundant harvest of high-quality products including organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, olive oils, eggs, honey and more.

We are a farmer and community-owned business committed to high-quality, locally sourced products. All of the farms in our network are located within a 20-mile radius, and many of them are small operations with limited or zero access to markets on their own.

We do all we can to serve our farms, picking up product at their operations and asking them to set their prices. Your produce is picked-to-order (we rarely hold product in our cooler for more than 1-2 days), ensuring you are receiving the freshest items available.

Our family of farmers and ranchers is always growing. Product availability fluctuates with the seasons because we are dedicated to featuring producers within just 20 miles of our Esparto food hub. Our anchor fresh fruit and vegetable farms are certified organic. Our ranchers raise their animals in humane and low-stress environments with ample access to pasture, and never use antibiotics or growth hormones in their feed. Our Capay Valley farmers use sustainable production practices to keep the land fruitful for generations.

We currently deliver to the Bay Area Mondays & Thursdays. We operate 50 weeks out of the year and will be happy to work with you on a delivery schedule that fits your needs.

The Capay Valley, part of the Cache Creek Watershed, is nestled along the coast range in Yolo County between Sacramento and the Bay Area. Known for its beauty, warm summers, complex soils, and, above all, productive family farms, this land has been agriculturally vital for over a century. For three decades farmers in the Capay Valley have been at the leading edge of sustainable farming and the local food movement.