Turnips are a cool season root crop available early fall through late spring. Both the greens and the roots of most turnips are edible. There many cultivars of turnips that vary dramatically in size, shape and color including, from small mild whit tokyo turnips to pink Scarlet Queen Turnips. Turnips are in the brassica genus, which means they are closely related to kale, cabbage and kohlrabi.

Caring for Turnips: Remove rubber band and turnip tops. Store both greens and turnip roots in a moist towel/cloth bag or a plastic bag in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. The greens can be used in soups, steamed, etc. Enjoy greens within 2-4 days, turnips within 4-6 days.

Preparing Turnips: Turnips are often quite mild and delicious raw. The skin is edible, so scrub the turnip well to remove the dirt then remove the tough turnip tops and any small rootlets with a paring knife. Slice into rounds or sticks for salads or snacking. They can also be roasted, sauteed or steamed and eaten plain or pureed into soup. The greens are very similar in flavor to mustard greens and can be cooked as you would any other greens.

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