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FarmShares delivers 100% local, seasonal food direct from over 40 small family farms to your neighborhood or workplace, year-round. FarmShares is the only CSA committed to local food exclusively from our community of Capay Valley farms.

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Select the Mix that Works for You! 

Bushel: With 11 items, the Bushel is a great size for a family of 2-4 fans of amazing produce!

Peck: 7 delicious items are included in the Peck. This is a great fit for 1-2 people who cook several times each week.

Bite: This mix includes 5 easy-to-prepare items including at least one fruit. It’s perfect for a single person or couple who cook just a couple times a week.

Payment Options:

Select the payment option that will work the best for you! Pay weekly for your FarmShare or make one payment for a season (13 deliveries) and save money!

Bushel: $33/delivery with weekly payments or $30/ delivery with a single payment for one season.

Peck: $22/delivery with weekly payments; $20/delivery with a single payment for one season.

Bite: $18/delivery with weekly payments; $16/ delivery when you pay for one season.

Include Your Favorite Pantry Items in Each Delivery!



We are a network of over 40 small, family farms that offers 100% local, seasonal food.


Our pick-up locations.
We currently serve the San Francisco Bay Area through public and private pick-up sites. Our public sites include:

Esparto Pacific Ace Hardware

Oakland YMCA, Bay Grape Wine Shop

San Francisco Avedano's Holly Park Market, Cheese Plus

Palo Alto Calafia Cafe

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