Capay Valley Grown: An Agricultural Appellation

One of Farm Shop’s goals is to build relationship between you and the source of your food, specifically the small family farms in and around the Capay Valley. Elemental to this relationship is place of origin — the provenance of your food. So, I’d like to share a little about why the Capay Valley is one of those special places, a sort of rural sanctuary, that’s worth preserving through eating.

The region is rich in small farms, private and public wild spaces, and lots of small town charm. It’s also the home of the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation who have stewarded this place for many millennium. The valley’s floor and gentle hills are especially well-suited for small-scale agriculture — rich soils, good water, Mediterranean climate, and market proximity — that has prospered and adapted since the mid-1800s.

As a beautiful rural region, Capay Valley residents are committed to preserve and enhance our sense of place. But the challenges for development and over-use of limited resources are significant.

A decade ago, a group of area residents convened a living room conversation among community leaders to discuss shared concerns and to plan for the future well-being and stewardship of the Capay Valley. Out of this dialogue, Capay Valley Vision, a regional planning organization, was born.

Among the group’s initiatives has been the creation of a regional label — or, if you will, an agricultural appellation — called Capay Valley Grown. This label was developed based on a shared pride in the abundant, agrarian, artistic production of this place. We felt a need to develop a shared identity that helps us to build an awareness of place and add value to local farms and businesses by designating quality, local products.

The regional label is one element of a long-term strategy to re-build our local economy to better serve the needs of the valley’s farms and our regional community with fresh, local food. With a vision articulated, many community members and businesses have been hard at work putting the pieces together: a meat processing center, hardware store, farmers’ market, agricultural processing capacity, and, of course, Capay Valley Farm Shop!

Residents widely share a vision to maintain and strengthen farming and ranching in the Capay Valley for generations to come. Farm Shop thanks you for supporting small family farms and for your commitment to know who grows your food.

– Thomas Nelson


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