FarmShares Week of September 15, 2014

The Hoes Down Top Ten

Another summer has come and gone. Baby goats were born, tomatoes were packed and pages on the calendars turned. The farmers on Full Belly Farm generally do not count time day to day. Instead, we see the changing seasons by the events that have become the constant reminder that another year has ...

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Pairing FarmShares With Wine

There are so many ways to be creative in the kitchen when you make the commitment to support local farmers. Our FarmShares subscribers receive regular deliveries of 100% seasonal produce and rely on many of the recipes on our website to help find easy and delicious ideas on what to cook. But ...

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Labor Shortage

This year, a lot of conversation about farming has centered on the topic of drought, but drought is not the only major problem farmers are facing this year: there is also a shortage of farm laborers this year. So this week, in conjunction with Labor Day, I talked to Andrew Brait at ...

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Meet Your Farmers: Blue Heron Farm And Riverdog Farm

At Farm Shop we work with over 45 different farms and ranches, and our family is constantly growing. This week, we would like to feature two of our farmers who’s produce will be in your FarmShares — Blue Heron Farm and Riverdog Farm. Blue Heron Farm Using certified organic production practices, Blue Heron Farm uses ...

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News From The Farm: Good Humus

We are right smack dab in the middle of the summer cycle, the Peach Party is behind us, the little dab of a peach harvest has been given thanks for, and now it’s August. August is a very strange month in the organic food growing and selling occupation. It is the absolute ...

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Capay Valley To Kitchen

One of the commonly touted benefits of purchasing locally-grown food is the extraordinary diversity of vegetables and fruits available, including many heirloom varieties that are simply not bred for shipping long distances. Case in point: Capay Valley farms are currently harvesting 6 varieties of eggplants, 15 varieties of melons and 11 varieties ...

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Great Grilling: Fruits and Vegetables!

When I fire up the grill, the first thing I tend to think about is what meat I want to throw on the BBQ tonight. It’s easy to forget that a great meal can be made by throwing some of your favorite fruits and veggies on the grill too. However, grilling fruits ...

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Meet Your Farmers

As you know, at Farm Shop we work with over 45 different farms and ranches, and our family is constantly growing. This week, we would like to introduce you to a couple of our farmers who's produce will be in your FarmShares this week. Fiddler's Green Farm “Fiddler’s Green”, first described in 18th century ...

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Drought News: Leap Frog Farm

It seems ironic that the day I visit one of Farm Shop’s smallest farmer partners to talk about drought, the sky is overcast and sprinkling. Don’t be fooled: this light sprinkle in no way alleviates the ongoing drought conditions here in the Capay Valley. Our farmers know this all too well, including ...

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Women-Run Meat Co-op Bands Ranchers Together

If farmers are known for their independent streak, four women in Yolo County, California are challenging the assumption that going at it alone is always better. Starting this summer they will join forces to offer customers premium pastured meats through the new Capay Valley Meat Co-op. The women, who all farm about a ...

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