FarmShares Week of June 27, 2016

Comes the rain again

Editor's note: This piece by farmer Judith Redmond was originally run in the January 11th Full Belly News From The Farm.  We've had another storm since then, so add about two inches to those rainfall totals! The white trunk of our huge fig tree seems almost luminescent in the early morning fog, with ...

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What happened to the California small farm? (Part 2)

Editor's note: This post is a continuation of last week's story on small farm history, What Happened to the California Small Farm?  Ildi Carlisle-Cummins, Director of the Cal Ag Roots Project, originally published this piece as California Dreamin': Can Land Belong To Those Who Work It? ...Whether or not it was a campaign ...

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What happened to the California small farm? (Part One)

Editor's Note: This piece of California history originally appeared in the Cal Ag Roots Story Hub, a project of the California Institute for Rural Studies.  If you're ever wondered why our state is home to "big ag" and small farms are hard to find, read on for an important piece of the puzzle. “That ...

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Capay Farms in the News

We were pleased last month, to see not one, but two august Capay Valley farms in the national news. Both for good things, naturally. The first piece, on Capital Public Radio, tells the recent history of Séka Hills, the farming operation of the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation. Under the Séka (Blue) Hills label, ...

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Gifts of the season

It's chilly this morning in the Valley - just above freezing, at dawn. After a cold night, the sheep are hungrier, the chickens are ravenous, and having made the rounds with feed, this human is especially in need of warmth and calories. Enter the rich, sweet, warm holiday foods. We'll be eating more ...

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What is Farm Shop for?

The Capay Valley Farm Shop exists to create direct connections between Capay Valley farms and ranches and neighboring families and communities. Everything we deliver is directly sourced from 48 family farms in the rural reaches of western Yolo County. We are proud to be a part of helping our agricultural community to ...

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Soil, not Oil?

Today, November 30, is the first day of the UN Paris Climate Conference (COP 21). Hopes are high that at this summit, 190 countries will finally commit to a new worldwide climate agreement to keep global warming under 2 degrees C. In preparation for the talks, each country has submitted their Intended Nationally ...

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A Farmer’s Thanks

Here again, in farmer Jim Durst’s beautiful words, is a blessing to celebrate the art of farming.  We here at the Farm Shop are grateful for the soil, the seed, and most of all the many people who plant, weed, water, herd, handle, pick, and pack the food we eat.  May you ...

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From the Heart of the Drought: An Interview with Tom Willey

Editor's Note: This interview with farmer Tom Willey by Sharon Licht, was originally published in the California Climate and Agriculture Network blog.  CalCAN is a great advocacy group for farmers and environmentalists striving for a climate-adaptive and climate-change-mitigating agriculture in our state. In California’s Central Valley, farmers have been coping with diminishing water ...

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Our first ingredient is luck

Early this morning, I woke to the best sound there is - rain, on thirsty ground. It was just a light shower, but it was all the encouragement the first shoots needed to poke their heads above old grass and mulch. The first rain of the season had soaked through their seed coats ...

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