FarmShares Week of March 2, 2015

The Color Green

Editor's Note: Nothing goes with greens, like bacon.  This week we are featuring pasture-raised bacon from Simas Swine and Wine, locally cured and smoked.  Available as an Add-On.  Dice, brown, add fresh greens from your box, and savor the season. This week's post is by Annie Main, of Good Humus Farm. As I drove home from ...

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No Rumen There

It's a new year, and our standards are higher. Proposition 2, the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, was passed by California voters in 2008 and goes into effect this year. This law mandates that chicken cages, sow gestation crates, and veal crates be large enough for animals to stretch their legs and ...

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Nuts about Nuts

Each spring around this time, the ground squirrels come out of their holes and start foraging. They eat ryegrass, oatgrass, and clover. Barley, brome and lupine. And they take the first course of their annual almond feast--white almond blossoms from between the grass. And each spring around this time, bees arrive in Capay ...

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Love Letter to a Hardware Store

Editor’s Note: Gillies Robertson of Skyelark Ranch is our guest blogger today.  Skyelark Ranch pastured meats - “Always Good Natured” - are available through our MeatShares as well as in person at the Jack London Square and Davis Farmer’s Markets.  This post was originally featured on Gil’s Place. Upon entering any self-respecting hardware ...

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Pickles and Ice Cream

One of my best friends is pregnant, and one has just given birth. There was a moment there, last week, where two of my best friends were pregnant, and I was in the kitchen trying to triple all my recipes--to bring food to sustain them and their kids-to-be. Like you, intrepid box subscribers, ...

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Who Will Own the Land?

“In the next 20 years, 400 million acres of farmland will change hands.” Severine von Tscharner Fleming was speaking to a gathering of young and not so young farmers and farm allies in Capay Valley at the Guinda Grange Hall. She came equipped with facts, stories, models and strategies to share—all with ...

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Great Human Endeavor

It appears that we are in a little dry cycle here for awhile, we’ve dried out from that magnificent and fulfilling set of storms from December, and have even had a few days of north wind now, an old friend who we remember from our childhood, blowing away the fog and bringing ...

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Eating in Japan

I have family in Japan, living in Chiba City, about 45 minutes from Tokyo (using the efficient trains). During the Full Belly break, my husband and I had the wonderful experience of spending 2-weeks traveling with family, visiting Kyoto on the main island, and also several places on the smaller islands of ...

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Field Notes

Happy 2015! We enjoyed many great meals over the holidays and are excited to be back sharing the Capay Valley's bounty with you. Here are a few field notes from Full Belly Farm. At this time of year we usually have young plants growing in our greenhouses, prepared for transplanting to the field at a stage ...

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Committing to People & Place

Capay Valley Farm Shop is a commitment—a bond between farmers, the land, chefs of all skill levels, eaters, and urban and rural communities. Our farmers and ranchers commit to growing fresh, quality food. They use sustainable production practices to yield wholesome food you can trust. Our customers commit to support an agricultural community, helping ...

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