FarmShares Week of November 24, 2014

The Art of Farming

Here in farmer Jim Durst’s beautiful words is a blessing to celebrate what makes putting food on the table possible—the art of farming. On behalf of the Capay Valley farm and ranch community, we wish you a joyous Thanksgiving week. We are gathered here today to rejoice and celebrate farmers and agriculture. The art ...

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This Week on Good Humus

I can feel the chill in the air as I get up in the morning. The seasons are shifting, old man winter doesn’t think we see him coming, oh so slowly into the air, changing the leaves from green to yellow ever so slightly. The days will warm up just like summer, ...

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Fall At Full Belly

Fall. Finally, the farm’s heartbeat has begun its descent back to a resting rate. For the past seven months, the heart of the organism known as Full Belly has been pulsing with growth and energy. Millions of pounds of fruits and vegetables have made their way into thousands of lives, fueling hearts ...

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News From The Farm: Full Belly Farm

I had the honor this week to serve on a University of California Cooperative Extension hiring committee. Cooperative Extension plays an important role in fostering the university’s applied research for the direct benefit of agriculture. Cooperative Extension dates back 100 years as a federally mandated agricultural extension service administered through individual state ...

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A Carinata Kale Story

This story comes from Good Humus Produce. It's about a green that our Bushel members received in their FarmShare last week. Carinata Kale (also spelled Karinata)  is a very special and unique green. It is a cross between mustard greens and Red Russian Kale and has a mildly spicy flavor with the texture ...

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Time-Saving Cooking Strategies From Full Belly Farm

There are definitely vegetables that you will get in your CSA box that will stump you temporarily, but over time, once you experiment with them, you may end up developing a favorite way to use them. Because the pace of our activities keeps all of us so busy, and because so many of ...

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Fall Fruit Shortage

2014 has proved a difficult fruit year in the Capay Valley with many farmers experiencing less than anticipated harvests. The situation is readily apparent with this year’s staple fall fruit crops, such as Asian pears and apples, which simply never materialized on many farms. Both human and environmental factors can affect the ...

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Promoting Local Food From Capay Valley

2014 has been an important year of growth for Capay Valley Farm Shop. A few months ago we announced our selection as an inaugural grantee of the Wallace Center’s Food Hub Development Grants, which is helping us improve our operational capacity and expand our services. Last week we achieved another first: The U.S. ...

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Shifting Seasons

The farm is shifting and easing into the start of a fall season. As days shorten, so do our work hours – now starting at 7 am and finishing by 5. The crops that we cultivate and seeds planted reflect the fall and winter approach. Andrew and Jan are planting fall greens, ...

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Cooking With Winter Squash

It is almost Fall here folks. The days are growing shorter, and cooler, (we haven’t had any 100 plus degree days lately) and there is the possibility of rain in this week’s forecast. Hooray! One of the things we look most forward to at the onset of Fall is winter squash. It ...

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