FarmShares Week of May 25, 2015

Into Uncharted Waters

Editor's Note: We've heard about the "tragedy of the commons" - wherein individuals acting in their own self-interest, overdraw a shared resource. As the drought deepens, Californians are struggling to avoid this tragedy at home. Farmers sit at an uncomfortable nexus of resource management - we act in the interest of our community of ...

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Farm Shop Action Alert: Let`s Grow Better Dirt

Editor's Note: I can't stop reposting these wonderful pieces by Judith Redmond on farms and climate change!  This one has an audience participation piece: if you decide you like SB367, write a brief letter of support (sample letter here) and send it to Climate change, and unusual weather may fall with a ...

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Little Sprouts, Big Harvest

Editor’s Note: Nothing goes better with sprouts, than a nice, juicy burger. This week, in preparation for Memorial Day, we’ve got 2 burgers for you: choose Angus beef patties from Manas Ranch; or grass-fed ground from Casa Rosa Farms. Buy 4, get 1 free. Show those kids your mad cooking skills. When you ...

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Growing Up With Growers

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate our mothers’ dedication to the years-long task of raising us. Mothering requires constancy, commitment, and round-the-clock care. And do you know what other job is like that? Farming. This week, I had the good fortune to speak with Trini Campbell, co-owner and farmer at Riverdog Farm, and mother to ...

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Yes, We Can

Last week I watched The Island President, a film about the President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives. Maldives is an island nation in deep trouble from rising sea levels. While in office, President Nasheed worked furiously to raise awareness and promote action on climate worldwide, even playing a supporting role in the landmark Copenhagen Accord of ...

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Sweetness and Light

Spring is a hurry-up time on the farm.  Soils are warming; many seeds and seedlings need to go in when it's warm but not yet hot.  Hayfields are drying down; hay must be cut, dried and baled when the moisture is just right.  Just before last week's storm, we saw haying crews ...

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On the cuts

Editor's note: This week's blog is reprinted from Dan Macon's Foothill Agrarian blog.  Dan is a local leader on ranching and sustainability issues, who manages his family farm and also works (and blogs) at the Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center.  This piece is a response to the recent outcry surrounding Gov. Brown's announcement ...

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A Firm Hand off the Tiller

Editor's Note: The UN has declared 2015 the International Year of Soils. Here at the Farm Shop, we'll be bringing you occasional stories about how our farmers are tending their soils, with an eye toward conservation of our most precious resource (after water): dirt. This week's guest post is from Judith Redmond and ...

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Lynn Hayes: Grade AA Great Eggs

It’s springtime. He walks through the grass with his basket of colorful eggs - some brown, some blue, some white and cream-white, some bluish green, all shiny and freshly laid. Is it the Easter bunny? No, it’s Lynn Hayes! Lynn is the young farmer at the helm of Hungry Hollow Farms. He supplies the ...

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The Weedeaters

Editor's note: This photograph is of plantain lanceolata, a supposedly edible thing I will not eat again. The hairs on the oxtongue are not entirely inviting. It looks like it might throw its quills at you and run. But the internet says you can eat it, and there’s not any misinformation on the internet, ...

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