FarmShares Week of November 23, 2015

A Farmer’s Thanks

Here again, in farmer Jim Durst’s beautiful words, is a blessing to celebrate the art of farming.  We here at the Farm Shop are grateful for the soil, the seed, and most of all the many people who plant, weed, water, herd, handle, pick, and pack the food we eat.  May you ...

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From the Heart of the Drought: An Interview with Tom Willey

Editor's Note: This interview with farmer Tom Willey by Sharon Licht, was originally published in the California Climate and Agriculture Network blog.  CalCAN is a great advocacy group for farmers and environmentalists striving for a climate-adaptive and climate-change-mitigating agriculture in our state. In California’s Central Valley, farmers have been coping with diminishing water ...

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Our first ingredient is luck

Early this morning, I woke to the best sound there is - rain, on thirsty ground. It was just a light shower, but it was all the encouragement the first shoots needed to poke their heads above old grass and mulch. The first rain of the season had soaked through their seed coats ...

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Making every drop count

Editor's Note: This timely piece by farmer Paul Muller was originally published in Full Belly's 10/19 News From the Farm.  As of this posting, the rains have come!!!, germinating winter grains and cover crops throughout the greening valley. We are eeking our way into fall this week. Temperatures have been quite warm and the ...

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Shoulder Season

Sometimes I stare at the box contents list, like a puzzle I'm trying to solve. How can I group things together? What goes with what - and how does it all go with the meat and the beans we have? Whatever happened to steak and potatoes, and why don't I even want ...

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On becoming, and squash

Editor's Note: This post by Jeff Main originally appeared in the Good Humus Newsletter on 10/13/2015. This morning Annie is on the ferry to Vancouver and is preparing to board the cross-country train to Montreal. She left me with extended lists that so far have kept me on the straight and narrow path ...

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In which havoc occurs, and we welcome it

Few of the small farmers I know, take vacation. We build these working, living systems, and then the plants and animals in them...have to be kept alive. If you have few, or no workers, then leaving your farm is no small feat: you've got to find someone to keep all the animals ...

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Change is on the Way!

Editor’s Note: This week’s piece is brought to you by Jeff Main of Good Humus Produce. The piece ran originally in the September 25th GOOD HUMUS NEWSLETTER. Batten down the hatches, change is on the way! Nothing as powerful as a total eclipse of the Moon, about as powerful a statement of sudden ...

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Hoes Down Top Ten

This year marks the 28th annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival. We hope you will join us. In case you need extra convincing, we have created a list of the Top Ten Reasons to come to the Hoes Down Harvest Festival.   #10 – The Location – If you and your family have yet to visit ...

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And we don`t stop

Since our last blog, the Valley and Butte Fires have become national news, so you may not require an update. For those non-news-readers among us: the Butte Fire, which destroyed 545 homes and took two lives, is 74% contained as of Monday. Typically, once this far contained, the fire goes out within ...

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