FarmShares Week of August 24, 2015

Falling not far from the tree

Living here in the Capay Valley, we are surrounded by some of the world's finest and freshest produce. Pasture-raised meats, organic vegetables of every stripe, award-winning olive oils, and even heirloom grains are grown within a few miles or a few feet of our homes. There's just one problem: where can we buy ...

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From Ketchup to California Cuisine

Editor's Note: This piece by Ildi Carlisle-Cummins is part of the Cal Ag Roots Series, a project of the California Institute for Rural Studies, and was originally titled From Ketchup to California Cuisine: How the Mechanical Tomato Harvester Prompted Today's Food Movement. Prepare to be schooled!  Ildi is the director of the Cal Ag ...

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We`re hot and we`re cold

Fire Update I am very happy to share the news, that the Rocky Fire is now 85% contained!  People near Clearlake have returned to their homes.  Firefighters kept the fire away from thousands of homes, but still 100 homes were lost.  If you want, you can contribute to the relief fund here. The ...

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Should we talk about the weather?

"Get everything wet," reads one farm's list, and then, "Move gas." "We have fire hoses hooked up at strategic points," writes another friend, "and the generator hooked up so we can pump if the power goes out." As of this writing, Monday 8/3, the Capay Valley is preparing for fire. On the north end of ...

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The hotter the summer, the sweeter the fruits

Editor's Note: This piece by Judith Redmond originally ran in the 7/6/2015 Full Belly Beet, and is every bit as relevant this week, with an expected high of 107 F.  Keep farmworkers in your thoughts this week, as we all try to stay cool and stay sane. At Full Belly Farm, there can ...

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And in this corner…

I do it, too. Every Thursday, I pick up my box full of beauty, check over the contents, and tote the box out to my car.  When I get home, I fill up my fridge and place the empty box by the door. And then, sometime during that week, I pick garlic.  Or I ...

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Follow that Rooster

Editor's Note: Capay Valley Farm Shop is proud to be a part of the Follow the Rooster campaign to support new farmers.  Read on to learn about the issue, and how you can take the pledge. Excerpt from, and more available, at In just the next 20 years, 400 million acres of American ...

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And the winners are…

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winners! Our hearty congratulations go out to Regina Zerne (first place Bushel), Christine Powlan (first place Peck), and Abby Jaramillo (second place Bushel)*! This was a tough competition to judge, as every single entry looked appealing, nutritious and fresh. We are inspired by your cookery, and the ...

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Reinventing the Wheel

So we are what's called a food hub: here at the Farm Shop, we aggregate local produce, for local distribution.  At a time when our food system spans continents, getting local food to market is a simple wish that's complex to fulfill. As we learn how to coordinate with farmers, chefs, site hosts ...

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Holding Back the Ewes

Editor's Note: Home chefs, start your engines! This week, June 22-27, is the Capay Valley Farm Shop Cooking Contest! Enter your menu submissions this week, based on your FarmShare, to win fabulous prizes. If you missed the contest rules, you can read it all here. Email us at by this Saturday, ...

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